Our awesome partners that help us get crankedUP

Why we are here: 

To support cyclists throughout the UK and help put the social back into cycling. This is a huge opportunity to reconnect with fellow riders in a fun and exciting virtual environment and we can’t wait to get started.

Wiggle is bringing awesome giveaways and prizes

We’ll also have guests and interactive games

Plus some fun surprises on the day you dare not miss!

Why we are here: 

It’s unacceptable that more than half of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will die within 3 months – we need change fast. By taking part in crankedUP and being part of team Pancreatic Cancer UK you can help transform the future for everyone affected by pancreatic cancer and save lives.

Ride to fund vital research

Ride to transform the future of pancreatic cancer

Together we’ll take it on

Why we are here: 

Action Medical Research has a long standing history in cycling, our flagship London to Paris event has been running for over 20 years and we bring you the annual Champions of Cycle Sport Dinner. But now we need even more help from our riders. We know that COVID-19 threatens us all in some way, including children, but we don’t know enough. Medical research is underway to help beat COVID-19 but there’s a lack of research specifically focusing on children and how the virus affects them. We need your help to help us fund this research.

We will give our supporters the opportunity something exciting to do

Helping connect a bigger community together for good

We’ll bring our cycling champs to the event so they can share and get involved in the fun

Why we are here: 

We love the concept behind this event, as event organisers ourselves who have been heavily effected due to COVID-19 we think this is a great fun way to connect with cyclists and let our own audience take part in something while we cant hold events in person.

Human Race is offering free and discounted places into their 2021 portfolio of events (Across Cycling, Triathlon and Running events)

Helping everyone engage, chat and compete with your mates and thousands of other cyclists from around the world, all without leaving home

Help turning everyone’s Pain Cave into a Party Cave

Why we are here:

To bring our community together over the festive season by doing what we do best… ride bikes... because who doesn’t love a party in a pain cave!

World class cycling events

A global community of passionate cyclists

Using cycling to make a difference

Why we are here:

To be part of something special. We believe in the power of sport to unite people, to strengthen community bonds, and most importantly - to do good. We’re passionate about participation and we know that crankedUP will be an awesome celebration of cycling achievement. So let’s pull together and support one another and raise loads of money for some important charity causes.

Encouraging the first-timers and the fast-timers

Bringing our energy and expertise to make CrankedUP massive

Celebrating the impact we can have together, through sport

Why we are here:

To help participants have the best possible experience. AWOL exists to support you – and whilst COVID-19 has had a major impact, it’s projects like CrankedUP that keep everyone going until we see you next!

Providing a Finishers Certificate to mark your success.

World-leading Tech company, specialising in Live Sports Photography with real-time notifications.

Good luck everyone!

Why we are here:

We work with some of the most amazing events and event organizers around the world and we're suckers for creativity, innovation, community and impact. Any time you can capture all four of those things in an event, we're all-in. The crankedUP crew has definitely cooked up something special and we're excited to host the virtual platform behind the event. Lennd is a next generation event management platform for your entire virtual and hybrid event portfolio.

Giving you Interactive Experience

Providing Community & Networking Tools

Using tech to help everyone make a difference.

Why we are here:

‘We love innovation, we love cycling and we love tech.

A compelling concept, so we wanted to be part of it from the start

To help bring together locked down cyclists

Put a smile on their faces and raise money for great causes.