Party in your pain cave whilst you ride against the clock

crankedUP is a turbo ride with a MASSIVE crankedUP difference.

Ride as far as you can over 2, 6 or 12 hours; solo or in a team relay.

Party in your pain cave?  Live DJ sets with the perfect tunes to boost your performance, MCs with shoutouts and leaderboard updates, private rooms for your team and friends to hang out.

Enter solo, or with your turbo buddies now. All you need is your Bike, a Turbo and Strava

Sun 20th Dec.


The world's best turbo riding experience.  Solo or in teams of 2, 3 or 4. Ride as far as you can over 2, 6 or 12 hours.  One rider at any one time.  We turbo boost the experience with the Music, Party and Support

Music and Party

Our virtual festival will bring you Live DJ's playing big tunes throughout to keep your pistons pumping and maximise performance.  At 10pm we finish and celebrate together at the after party.


Private virtual rooms for your team mates, friends and family to support you all the way.  Plus MCs with shoutouts, leaderboard updates and expert cycling talks.

Connect with us #wearecrankedup

What is the challenge and experience?


You choose to do 2hrs, 6hrs, or 12hrs Do it solo, or in a team of 2, 3 or 4 (male, female and mixed teams)

  • 12hr Riders: start at 10am - finish at 10pm
  • 6hr Riders: start at 4pm - finish at 10pm
  • 2hr Riders: start at 8pm - finish at 10pm

Ride as far as you can in that time, in a virtual course on the training of your choice.

Connect the distance to Strava for your performance - it's a race after all.

Boosted experience

You will be sent a VIP invite link to join the full crankedUP Zoom experience where you will have your own virtual festival. In the festival, crankedUP will provide:


  • Live crankedUP DJ music will be playing for you throughout
  • Our crankedUP DJ knows cycling, knows how to motivate, knows how to party
  • DJ requests played Each hour will end with a festive turbo charged finale


Teams and your friends and family get access to a smaller “VIP Zoom room” to chat.

Added Zoom rooms will be filled with cycling experts to provide insight and support.


A 1 hour music-filled after-party from 22:00 to 23:00 where we celebrate together.

That's not all

  • Random prize giveaways
  • Live on the day leaderboards with commentary
  • Prizes for top 5 solo and 50 teams
  • All training activity logged will be published on live leaderboard before event
  • Live results leaderboard displayed during event
  • Achievement digital badges
  • Ability to fundraise or donate to partner charity

Entry Fees

Rider Infograph

Pro home set up and ideas

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Connect Strava and ride as far as you can on your own or with mates.

crankedUP is a turbo ride with a MASSIVE crankedUP difference.  An event that’s actually going to happen on 20th December.

You ride as far as you can over 2, 6 or 12 hours; solo or in a team relay.

Alongside that, we have built a virtual entertainment festival.  A party in your pain cave.

We have given huge thought to our virtual stages to boost your fun and performance.   DJs compiling the perfect tunes to help you, MCs with shoutouts and leaderboard updates, private rooms for your team and friends to hang out, rooms with expert talks and fireside chats.  

It’s for any rider, anywhere in the world, with a turbo and an APP that connects to Strava.

Smart Trainer + 


Sign up as a solo, or create-join your team

Connect Strava

Connect your Strava account in your crankedUP Participant Page


Log your training, create and share updates from your crankedUP page and gte ready to race!

We hope these help answer most of your questions

When does the event start and finish?

The event starts at 10:00:00 BST on Sunday 20th December and ends at 22:00:00 BST. Only Strava activities completed within these times will be valid and count towards your team contribution. There will be a celebration music after party from 22:00 to 23:00.

Can you ride simutaniously together?

Only one rider can ride at a time. 

Each rider needs to finish and save activity before another rider can start

Can people enter all around the world?

Yes. We encourage global participation of teams and even different members of teams in different countries. Imagine one team rider located in the UK doing a leg at 8pm and passing over to a team member in Hong Kong at 4am!

What is classed as an ‘activity’ on Strava?

A single activity is classed from the time you press the start button on your training APP of choice (Zwift, Rouvy, Taxc, Trainerroad) and when you press it to end and save activity. For clarity, the end of your activity is not measured from when the activity is uploaded to Strava via training APP, it is when you actually started and finished activity.
We strongly recommend that you upload each activity to Strava once completed to keep your team leaderboard as up to date as possible, as only activities uploaded on Strava will count towards the event.

Is there a certain course we need to ride?

You are free to ride any course you wish to as long as it does not have more descent than ascent. Your FTP and weight settings must be accurate for fair racing.

Is there a minimum mileage requirement for each rider?

There is no minimum mileage requirement for each team member to complete – you just need to make sure that each member of your team has completed at least one activity each by the end of the event to qualify.

What is crankedUP doing to stop cheating in this event?

crankedUP wants every one of our participants to race fair and respectfully when competing in crankedUP by adhering to the rules at all times, and not attempt to set your training APP setting to favour speed, such as making your FTP lower than it is, or lowering your weight, or submit disingenuous activities to gain an advantage during the event.
We are putting checks in place across all activities and data API's to look at any unfair changes in settings. It's on all of us to ensure the competition is as fair as possible.
All activity completed on Strava is regulated by Strava’s Terms of Use and Strava’s Community Standards, which includes the monitoring of users to identify bad GPS data and/or data from non-human powered and non-conventional cycles. Any riders found to be producing inconsistent or unrealistic results will be investigated by crankedUP independent regulator and Strava, and any team attempting to cheat will be disqualified from the event.

crankedUP Virtual Festival

Like most things these days, we are dependant on technology and connectivity to the internet. Multiple members of the crankedUP team will be in various locations and have access and control of the entertainment elements of the virtual stadium, so we have made all necessary contingencies we control. There will always be a small risk where we experience a short outage of our technology partners or connectivity on the day. If this happens we will endevour to get all event elements back up within the shortest time possible. 

All activity made by participants will continue to be logged within the leaderboard, so your efforts will not be wasted!

How will I be able to access the Virtual festival and stages?

Every participant will be sent a personal invite link into the virtual festival one week before the event with full instructions and itinery. This unique link can only be used for the individual signing up. You can also see our "how to" videos HERE.

We will be providing recommended set ups based on various pain cave set ups so you can get the most out of experience.

Even though i entered 2 hours or 6, can we attend the whole event?

Yes. You will have access to the entire day event (10am to 11pm), not just the set time you registered for.

Need inspiration? Check this video out, it's all you need.

Check out our explainer video on the event from the concept creator. 

I just want to do it again!!.. During the challenge, i couldnt sleep. I was addicted to checking out how we were doing and the leaderboard! I could not rest as I just wanted to keep dropping into our Virtual VIP Team Room to see how my team mates were doing. 

- Mike Holliday

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