What we are all about

We are passionate cyclist, triathletes, women, men, and event lovers just like you. With 2020 events getting cancelled we decided to do a REAL VIRTUAL EVENT and bring positive certainty.

Our goal is to simply continue to use beautiful human actions and enable technology advancements to bring a better connected experience at home. AND we put everyone in a live virtual music stadium so we can all cycle with beating sounds and heart.


We wanted to give the world new possibilities to connect the world with real human experiences enabled by technology.


Connect advanced home conferencing technology to the world of sport to create a virtual sports event.


Give meaningful connected experiences to people and make a positive impact to the world while doing it.

Need inspiration? Check this video out, it's all you need.

Check out our explainer video on the event from the concept creator. 

Connect with us #wearecrankedup