crankedUP festival is on three dates in Jan, Feb and Mar and we will be providing entertainment throughout the day

Remember the elements of a "real" event?

We have turned these "real" elements virtual, delivering into your screen!

You will be given a special link to access the virtual pain cave arena via your computer browser

Live Virtual Music Stage

Feeling of a real race and event

Private team areas to ride and hang out in

Zwift users will be riding the same course in a "Meet Up"

Think back to a normal live event where you and team mates would meet up and have an area where you hang out. Where family and other friends come to support and cheer you on. Well, we have created this space for you virtually, which means we can provide you your own virtual "Team Pit" within the event.

At a "real" event there usually is a main stage, or start/finishline with music and MC where family, spectators, participants also hang out. We've got you covered with our "Live Virtual Music Stage" which can be "Pinned" across the entire event and your team pits.

Which ever area you hang out in as a riders or spectator, you can move around as you wish!